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Carton Box Abu Dhabi

We sell all kinds of carton boxes in Abu Dhabi like for moving, packing and other household items packing. Our prices are very affordable and the quality of items are guaranteed. If you are looking for moving boxes in Abu Dhabi and you want to order make sure that your order should be minimum of 10 boxes and also there will be delivery charges based on location.

How to order boxes in Abu Dhabi

You can order carton box in Abu Dhabi by using whatsapp. Once you order then your order will goes to the delivery team and they will finalize the best time. If you place the order for the carton boxes by morning then you will recieve on same day. If in afternoon then it's upto other deliveries on your route. Otherwise the boxes delivery will be next morning. Make sure to pay cash on delivery and also you will pay the delivery charges based on distance.